Canadians offered unsecured and secured credit cards through several Canadian credit card companies

    /24-7PressRelease/ – May 29, 2005 – Need a Canadian credit card in Canada? now offers five distinct unsecured and secured credit cards solely for Canadians. To qualify for the credit card that’s right for your financial situation, it’s important that you first understand your credit history in Canada and its impact on Canadian credit card companies such as American Express, MasterCard and Visa.


“Before applying for a new credit card or loan, always take the time to review your Canadian credit history. It takes just a few minutes online to purchase your Canadian credit reports from both national credit bureaus – Equifax Canada and Trans Union of Canada,” says financial advisor Peter James of

“Then if you notice any errors or omissions, simply initiate the official dispute process with Equifax or TransUnion. Once any errors are corrected by the credit reporting agency, it is less likely your application for an unsecured credit card will be negatively affected,” he notes.

Credit card companies typically want to know an applicant has a good credit history of repaying their debts as well as high enough income levels to handle their credit debt. “It’s not really much more complicated than that,” says James. “Good Canadian credit history plus good annual income equals good chance you will be approved.”

CANADIAN UNSECURED CREDIT CARDS markets several great credit card offers from Amex and Visa. Each credit card offer has its unique requirements for successful application.

AMERICAN EXPRESS CANADA: Apply for either American Express Aeroplan Charge Card or American Express Air Miles Credit Card depending on which travel rewards program works best for you. Both cards require a minimum annual income and good credit rating. Successful applicants receive bonus miles after activation. You get an almost instant answer applying online.

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